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The 1619 Project Wins a Pulitzer Prize


COVID 19 is causing us to retool how we will continue to address this calling. We will post our next action as soon as we discern the current option for us to communicate with each other.

Our current medical and political environment is shining a glaring Light on the global, horrendous, social injustices. Our calling is to right this wrong.

Conversation on Race… is going Zoom !

detail to be given shortly

Sarah Buxton will be taking up where COVID postponed our meetings. With Sarah’s his gathering of Friends goes deeper with each conversation as Friends seek within and, in corporate community, the Truth about social injustice


Past events


1691 Project, published by the New York Times


The links below will take you to differing points of view to the 1691 Project. There is some interesting reading here.


Other published points of view on the 1619 Project 


more fantastic reading   

Ta-Nehisi Coats presents to Congress on the issue of reparation

Dan Crofts’  site to his book     

Lincoln and the Politics of Slavery: The Other Thirteenth Amendment and the Struggle to Save the Union.     Lincoln and the Politics of Slavery:   


Our next Conversation on Racism is planned for Friday, February 21 at 7 PM. Tim Mammel is the presenter. We will be discussing the section on music from the NYT 1691 project. Read pages 60 – 67. We will expand our discussion beyond black music to include visual art, writing, and theater. You are encouraged to reflect on how the creative arts from black culture has affected your life and your view of the world.

You are also encouraged to explore the following black artists.

  1. Nina Simone (musician) and Langston Hughes (poet, writer)
  2. Faith Ringgold (painter)
  3. The Kanneh-Mason Trio (chamber music)
  4. The Last Poets (music, poetry)

While we can only touch on a few major black artists during our meeting on Friday, we will explore the influence of these works, both on a personal level and a societal level. You are encouraged to bring an example of music or art coming out of black culture, that resonates with you.

  1. Langston Hughes: The Story of the Blues
  2. Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddam
  3. Little Nas X: Old Town Road
  4. Huddie William Ledbetter (Lead Belly): Midnight Special
  5. Jean-Michel Basquiat (Painter)
  6. More on Faith Ringgold (Painter)
  7. Marvin Gaye What’s Going On Live 1972


P.O.W.E.R is offering Antiracism Training, Thursday February 13, 7:00 at Newtown Meetinghouse.


A Peace & Social Justice Thread Gathering Thread Gathering on Saturday, Feb.1 from 10-4 at Friends Center.


January, 2020, Sarah Buxton lead the conversation on the continuing impact of our American form of capitalism and how it perpetuates social injustice.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Discussion will focus again on the New York Times Magazine, 1691 Project.  The exploration of the truth of our American history  will to discerned in the Light and as viewed and expressed in the article written by Nikole Hannah-Jones (brief bio on page 10)

Article can be found by clicking the 1619 Project link below; pages 14 – 26.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Discussion will be focused on two articles taken from the 1619 Project, published by the New York Times.   Articles can be found by clicking the 1619 Project link below and paging through the magazine.  The first article is on page 22, Chained Migration.  The second article is on page 32, Mortgaging the Future.

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