Bucks Quarter Appointments

There is no limit to the number of terms which may be served on Quarterly Meeting Committees. Host in April. For more information see www.quakersbucks.org At present, there is no formal reporting to Newtown Meeting from the Quarter; Friends are expected to read Quarter publications. NFM Clerk attends BQM Clerks meetings.

Quarter Budget and Nominating Committee

1 from Newtown. Term: 3 years. Meets on first Saturday in February, May and November.

  1. Nominates officers of the Quarterly Meeting: Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, 3 Auditors, BQM Scholarship Committee and six members to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee.
  2. Prepares and submits to Quarterly Meeting a suggested budget for approval. Advises and assists Quarterly Meeting in financial matters.
  3. Prepares and maintains the handbook of functions of officers and committees of the Quarter.

Quarter Oversight Committee

1 from Newtown. Term: 3 years. Meets Monthly.

Oversees and assists the work of the Coordinator of Bucks Quarterly Meeting.

  1. Sets budget and salary, including fringe benefits of Coordinator.
  2. Provides support to Quarter Clerk and responds to urgent issues that arise between Quarterly Meeting sessions.
  3. Keeps the Meeting informed about Quarterly Meeting activities. (Should be a regular attender at Meeting in order to do this well.) Pick up packet and pass along to Communications.
  4. Encourages participation in the work and activities of the Quarter.
  5. Sees that Quarterly Meeting Newsletters are distributed to Newtown Meeting members and attenders.

Quarter Outreach Committee

1 from Newtown. Term: 3 years. Meets 6 times per year.

Inform and educate the general public about our Quaker faith and our activities to attract Seekers to our Worship Community and facilitate the development of more Members in all our Monthly Meetings.

Friends Home and Village

Friends Home and Village is a non-profit senior living community in Newtown historically under the Care of Bucks Quarterly Meeting. Friends Home & Village now appoints its own board of managers. It will consult with Nominating Committee when seeking to fill board positions. Members from Newtown may be invited to serve on the board. Term 3 years. Reports in July.

2020 Annual Report. 2021 Annual Report.

Friends Camp Association

Friends Camp Association (Camp Onas) is a non-profit residential summer camp in Ottsville, PA with its own Board of Trustees, historically under the care of Bucks Quarterly Meeting. It will consult with Nominating Committee when seeking to fill board positions. Trustees encourage Monthly Meeting support and children to attend camp. Currently 1-2 members. Term: 3 years. Reports in January.

2020 Annual Report. 2021 Annual Report. 2022 Annual Report 2023 Annual Report

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