Worship and Ministry

The Worship & Ministry Committee nurtures the spiritual life of Newtown Monthly Meeting, both as individuals on our separate spiritual journeys, and also as a blessed community, gathered together in the faith and traditions of the Religious Society of Friends.  See the Worship & Ministry Committee Description for a more information about the committee’s purpose and duties.

Duties of the committee include:

Memorial Services: Coordinates memorial services for members of the meeting.
Memorial Service Handbook
Sample Memorial Service Introduction
Burial Ground Information
Memorial Minutes

Easter Services: Coordinates the annual, semi-programmed Easter Service. 
Sample Easter Service Program
This includes identifying an announcer, choosing hymns and arranging for musical accompaniment, identifying fourth graders who will receive Bibles, identifying person to present the Bibles, identifying a person to read the Easter Story, and printing the service program.

Christmas Eve Service: Organizes the 30 minute, semi-programmed Christmas Eve candlelight service.
Christmas Eve Service Planning

Chandler Hall Service: Finds volunteers to lead worship services at Chandler Hall on each Sunday of the month Newtown Meeting is assigned.
Most members of Bucks Quarter takes responsibility for this Quaker Worship Service.  See the Quakerphernalia Newsletter for the assignment schedule.
Chandler Hall Service Info

Read our annual reports for more details on the committee’s past work.

Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2023
Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2022
Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2021

Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2020
Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2019
Worship & Ministry Annual Report 2018

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