Children and Teens

Children are  welcome in worship! We encourage children ages six to twelve to remain in worship for the first twenty minutes. At the end of twenty minutes, a babysitter will rise and lead the children upstairs to the Friendship Room. Any young people who are not staying for all of Worship should move upstairs at this time.

Young children (Age 4 and under) are not expected to participate in worship. They will be supervised by babysitters in the Friendship Room until they are brought downstairs at the rise of meeting to be reunited with their family. The children should not have phones or other devices with them during this time.

6th – 8th Graders may stay with their families for all of Meeting for Worship, or they may go upstairs to the Friendship Room with the teen sitters and younger children at the end of Family Worship.     This age group will have the opportunity to have their own silent mindful practice using adult coloring books or doing puzzles at tables in a separate, closed section of the Friendship Room. They are not invited to play and talk in the Friendship Room under the supervision of the sitters. They are also no longer invited to use the First Day School rooms above worship. Our Middle Schoolers should not have phones or other devices during this time. 

9th-12th Graders who are not on childcare duty that day should stay with their families during Meeting for Worship. They are not invited to talk in the Friendship Room with the sitters. Our teens should not have phones or other devices during this time. 

Parents are the best judge of the developmental capabilities of their own children. There may be children within our community with special needs for whom these guidelines will not be appropriate. However, those children are the exception, and those cases should be discussed with the leadership of CRE and the babysitting coordinator so that the individual child’s needs are adequately addressed.

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