Business of the Meeting

Friends Meetings work through the efforts of volunteers and committees.  This page provides links to various information about the business of Newtown Meeting.

Committee List — The January 2020 list of committee assignments.

2021 Schedule for Reporting to Monthly Meeting (Google Sheet) — 2021 schedule for when each committee reports to Business Meeting

Meetinghouse Reservation Calendar — Reservation calendar maintained by the Building and Grounds Committee.  Please contact if interested in using the building.

Child Safety Policy — Procedures adopted to ensure the safety of children attending the meeting.

Emergency Preparedness Recommendations — Ad hoc committee recommendations for improving the meetings preparedness for emergency situations.

Committee Web Pages — Each Meeting Committee has a page and can add sub-pages as needed for reference, information, archiving.  Check back often to see what’s new.   Committee Handbook — Committee descriptions are now on individual committee pages (go to committee tab).

Faith and Practice — The book detailing the beliefs and practices of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) within the area served by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Directory Updates: Please send your name, family members, birthdates, address, email(s), home and cell phone numbers to Let us know if you are a member or attender, and if you want to get the e-newsletter.

The following links point to password-protected pages.  To obtain the password, please see the current printed newsletter, or send a request to “web @ newtownfriendsmeeting . org”.

Newsletters— Current and previous Meeting newsletters

Business Meeting Minutes and Agenda — Draft of minutes, agenda, reports and documents for current Meeting for Business.

Meeting Directory — Complete listing of postal and email addresses, and phone numbers

One Page Meeting Phone List — Summary of names and phone numbers only

Newtown Meeting Budget — The Meeting’s current budget can be found on the Financial Oversight page.

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