Children’s Religious Education Committee

The Children’s Religious Education program provides opportunities for children from preschool through eighth grade to gather for Sunday worship, fun, fellowship, learning, and service. It is our goal to help our youngest friends form lifelong bonds to community, to Truth and Light, and to the Society of Friends. Each year, we hope our youngest Friends walk away with a deep sense of the history of Quakers, beliefs and ideals, and what it means to be a Quaker today. We aim to support each child’s personal journey as they ask:  What does it mean for me to be Quaker?  What do I believe?

All Friends are welcome in worship!

The Children’s Religious Education Committee holds instruction for all young Friends and older young Friends, in Quaker practice and beliefs almost every Sunday from 9:45 to 11:00 am.  Click here to view the schedule of lessons.  Our caregivers will then take over supervision with quiet activities until it is time to go down to worship.

All young Friends who come with parents at 11:00 am, not planning to attend worship for a full hour, should proceed upstairs to the Friendship Room.  They will be met by child care providers and quiet activities will be provided. 

Children aged 5 and under are not expected to participate in worship.  An adult should bring their young child/children upstairs either at 9:45 for instruction or at 11 am for childcare.  Parents are asked to introduce the child/children to one of the teachers or caregivers before going downstairs.  Child Care providers will will bring very young children down at the rise of meeting and returned them to their parents.

Each parent is the best judge of their own children’s developmental capabilities. Any concerns should be made known to the Clerk of CRE and Child Care Coordinator, so that the individual need of every child can be adequately addressed.

Children’s Religious Education Committee Description
Children’s Religions Education Schedule
Child Safety Policy at NMM – revised April 2022
Child Safety Policy – Approved 2019
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