Library Committee Description

6 Members. Term 2 years. Meets as needed. Reports in September. Hosts in July or August. Open to Attenders.

The Library Committee maintains and manages the inventory of books and pamphlets in the Meeting library including acquiring, cataloging and overseeing circulation. They inform the meeting of new publications and promote their use. Care is taken to select books about Quakerism, Quaker history, and the lives and subjects that demonstrate the tenets of Quaker values; Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship/Service, in short, books that nurture the spiritual growth of the Meeting.

The Library Committee also places orders for Faith & Practice for Children’s Religious Education and Inreach/Outreach. Eighth graders receive their own copy in June and Inreach/Outreach assesses visitors/attenders their interest in receiving a copy of their own. Newtown Meeting has a large collection of Pendle Hill Pamphlets. The Committee funds a yearly subscription yielding 4-5 Pendle Hill pamphlets a year.

The Committee sponsors a Used Book Sale, as needed, to augment the designated amount budgeted for books. Orders are then placed for new books to be added to the inventory. Processing books for borrowing includes, entering them into, adding the card and pocket in the back of the book and determining the colored tape to place on the spine of the book that corresponds with the category theme of the book. Completes annual report accompanied by list of books purchased.

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