Environmental Action

We seek an earth restored.

Environmental Action Subcommittee is open to everyone. We welcome your thoughts and participation in any action that speaks to you. To become involved, contact Kathy Harr (kwkharr@comcast.net) or Betsy Crofts (emcrofts@gmail.com).

Resources, Organizations and Advocacy Groups


Cooler Earth: The Podcast. A podcast that talks with people seeking solutions to the climate crisis.

(PYM) Climate Change Sprint and Eco-Justice Collaborative

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Issue: Environment & Energy. Sign up for “Inside the Greenhouse”, a monthly action alerts and updates for climate action, sustainable energy, and a healthier planet.

PA – Dept of Environmental Protection on Climate Change

POWER on Climate Justice

Project Drawdown

Quaker Earthcare Witness Our values & practices.

Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-Grants

Sierra Club

State Climate Policy Network Webinars

Topics of Interest

Communicating about Climate Crisis

Earthcare for Children Curriculum

Earthcare for Friends: A Study Guide for Individuals and Faith Communities

Principles of Environmental Justice

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

Webinar: Lobbying for RGGI Presented by The Sierra Club

Talking about Climate Change: A Practical Guide

Why Price Carbon Pollution?

100 Solutions to Reverse Climate Change

Pending Legislation

Environmental Justice for All Act. In response to the mounting climate crisis and its impacts on marginalized communities, FCNL is living out the Quaker commitment to justice and environmental protection by advocating for the Environmental Justice for All Act (S. 872/H.R. 2021).

View Jasmine Spence’s presentation on Quaker Sacred Space that Honors Creation and Strengthens Community.

View this article from Mother Jones on the future of parking needs in the renewable energy economy.

Consider these thoughts on successful placemaking.


The Minute to address climate change was approved at Meeting for Business on February 2, 2020. Additional information is accessible through this link

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