Upgraded Hearing Assistance Devices

hearing-assistanceThere is no need to miss out or struggle to hear what is said at meeting for business or meeting for worship. The old 1980’s technology has been upgraded to the current state of the art and from all reports it works quite well. In fact, one can take the devices into the kitchen to do chores and still hear everything that is said in the meeting room!  Richmond Shreve says he could hear a pin drop when he tested the new equipment.

We have enough of the little radio receivers to outfit ten people and can easily add more should they be wanted.  There are several options in the style of earpiece to choose from based on personal preference and/or the kind of hearing aid (if any) that the user wears.

All the options work with all of the little radio packs so you can just select one from the door of the cabinet and plug it in.  Here below are pictures and a brief description of each. Scott Hoskins or Richmond Shreve are more than willing to help with selection.

earbudThe light weight “ear bud” with its foam rubber cover hangs just outside the ear canal and delivers crisp clear voice optimized sound.  As with all the other options you set the volume according to your personal preferences.


earphoneThis “over the ear” device is new.  It’s particularly suited to those with in-ear molded hearing aids.  The tiny loudspeaker delivers sound to the hearing aid or directly to your ear.  The plastic ring slips over the ear so that it hangs in place with the wire trailing down behind the shell of your ear.  Some users simply hold it in their hand and raise it to their ear when someone speaks.

headsetThis robust radio headset will work with behind-the-ear hearing aids because it covers the entire ear including the hearing aid. Each cup has an independent volume control so the user can get the optimum adjustment.  Designed for school use, it excludes ambient sounds so that you only hear the sounds amplified by the hearing assist system.


loopAnd finally there is the “loop.”  If you wear hearing aids equipped with a “T-coil” or “telecoil” you can hear by placing this loop around your neck like a necklace.


Richmond Shreve
November, 2016


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