Benjamin Lloyd, Actor,  to Speak on Vocal Ministry in Quaker Meeting to Newtown Quakers

Benjamin Lloyd, actor, will speak on Vocal Ministry in Quaker Meeting at the Newtown Meetinghouse, 219 Court Street, at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, March 10.  

Quakers traditionally have no designated clergy, believing that there is that of God in every person enabling each to have direct access to the Divine and be led to provide ministry to those present in a Quaker Meeting for Worship. 
Ben Lloyd describes his presentation as: “This interactive session is meant to help all participants discern what the impetus towards vocal ministry feels like in them.
Since this experience is fundamentally personal, no effort will be made to teach what this experience “should” feel like. Nor will any attention be paid to the content of vocal ministry.

Rather, through a series of exercises, participants will be led to a fuller understanding of their own experience of discernment – that feeling which leads them to stand and speak at a meeting for worship.
Along the way, we may discover that when the Divine is leading us to speak, we have some experiences in common.”

Benjamin Lloyd runs bxlloyd consulting, a learning and development practice that uses the power of play and applied improvisation to support extraordinary companies, nonprofits, and communities.

One of his specialties is creative work with people with disabilities, and he has presented on that work at both global and national conferences.

He is the author of several articles on creativity and spiritualty through Cambridge University Press, and two books: The Deception of Surfaces, and The Actor’s Way: A Journey of Self-Discovery in Letters, published by Allworth Press in 2006. 

He has acted and directed at most major theatres in Philadelphia, as well as in New York, regionally in the U.S., and in Europe.

He is a member of Abington Monthly Meeting.

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