Adult Class Worship Sharing Sunday, March 26

Join the Worship & Ministry committee on March 26 at Adult First Day School for Worship Sharing to share with each other a deepening of our experience of the Spiritual Journey of Eva Jakabovics  and Peter Vari (Adult First Day March 19.) Worship Sharing is a group practice that strengthens our community one with another, provides a lot of spiritual juice and acts a spring board to understand our Quaker faith.

See here for more information on Worship Sharing 

In Worship Sharing, we seek to listen deeply to each other, to hear how Spirit moves in each other and ourselves.  In this Worship Sharing, we will “seek to know one another in that which is eternal” as we explore ideas and questions that arise from Eva and Peter’s Spiritual Journey.

It won’t be necessary to attend the March 19 Adult First Day School to participate fully in this Worship Sharing.  Please join us.

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