Danny Thomas, Head of Bucks Peace Center to Speak to Newtown Quakers

Danny Thomas, Executive Director of the Bucks County Peace Center, will provide via Zoom “Update on The Peace Center and Its Activities” Sunday, February 14 at 9:45 a.m. to the adult class of Newtown Meeting.  

The Peace Center describes its mission as: “To educate, empower and support individuals and organizations in efforts to prevent violence, promote peaceful resolution of conflict and foster inclusive, equitable and safe communities locally, nationally and worldwide.

The Peace Center, located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, has been working for community peace and social justice since 1982. Their programs are designed to help reduce violence and conflict in schools, homes and communities through a multicultural, community-based approach. 

The Peace Center offers a wide variety of programs throughout Bucks County and environs and collaborates with over fifty Bucks County schools, faith communities, and organizations.

Programs include a variety of topics, including sessions on bullying, communication skills such as active listening as a means of de-escalating conflict, creative problem-solving, how to deal with disruptive behavior, and programs on respecting our differences and anger management.

Danny L. Thomas is professionally trained in conflict management skills.  His primary focus is reconciliation and bridge building around the issues of racial, economic, and educational disparity.  He is also a pastor in the United MethodistChurch. The congregations he has served have become active change agents and advocates in their communities.

While in seminary, Danny served as chaplain to the regional hospital in Jinja, Uganda, developing a partnership between caregivers and hospital staff to assure proper food and medical access.  He has served in ministry in Trenton, and Salem, NJ.  He has had the opportunity to experience the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while traveling with a team from the Delaware Valley chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution. 

Danny holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Virginia Tech.  He is trained in Inhalation Toxicology, Developmental Behavior/Ethology, as well as Pastoral Care/Counseling and Grief and Berevement.

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