Barefoot Walker and Engineer, Joe Mancuso, to Speak to Newtown Quakers

Norval ReeceCommunity Contributor

Barefoot Walker and Engineer, Joe Mancuso, to Speak to Newtown Quakers

Joe Mancuso, engineer, writer and musician, will speak on “Why No Shoes?: Joys & Lessons of an Experiment Gone Wild”, at the Newtown Friends Meetinghouse on Sunday, March 24. Following the presentation, there will be worship in the manner of Friends at 11:00 a.m. with people speaking out of silence as they are moved to do so. The public is welcome at all events. 

Joe Mancuso has walked roughly 1,000 miles barefoot in the past six years. His introduction states, “In early 2018, a serendipitous circumstance led a curious individual to begin pondering a seemingly silly question: Why don’t we do more without shoes?”

The consequent explorations led this engineer, artist, and spiritual seeker to wander barefoot 95% of the time and for roughly 1,000 miles over multiple years, uncovering along the way some of the practical, personal, and sociological connections with the simple act of living life in Nature’s provided footwear.

Joe Mancuso says he “is just a guy who’s tried a bunch of things and thinks _way_ too much.” He is an electrical systems engineer and manager by vocation; a demi-semi-professional musician and aspiring writer by passion; and a lover of Nature, games, and “(often unhealthy) food. … among other things.” He has gradually explored spirituality for most of his life, and has been a part-time attender of various Quaker meetings for about 20 years.

Joe is husband to Kim Mancuso and father to Arianna and Michael Mancuso, all members/attenders of Newtown Friends Meeting.

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