Author on Economic Justice to Speak on November 8th

Pamela Haines will speak via Zoom on Economic Justice to Newtown Quaker Meeting adult class at 9:45 a.m., November 8, 2020. 

A student of economics since childhood, Pamela Haines has spent a lifetime gathering experience, knowledge and perspective to speak with authority on how economic theories and structures shape our lives and challenge our values. 

She has developed adult education/action seminars, run a large and diverse household, led parents in play, cultivated the skills and ethos of repair, built community and grown leadership among child care workers, supported urban agriculture at home in Philadelphia, and carried her trauma healing experience to Northern Uganda.

As the lead author of Toward a Right Relationship with Finance; Interest, Debt, Growth and Security, a writer of pamphlets, magazine articles and blog posts, a workshop leader and a speaker, her common theme is demystifying connections between economics and daily life, while challenging people to claim their power and act on their values.

Pamela Haines lives in Philadelphia and attends Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting. She is married to Chuck Esser, also a member of Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting and has three grown sons. Haines has a bachelor’s degree in Social Ecology from Antioch College and a Master’s degree from Temple University in History.

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