Adult Class Will Be Working on the Scavenger Hunt Activities Together

Newtown Friends Meeting Intergenerational Scavenger Hunt Day

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has created a scavenger hunt to help members and attenders gain familiarity with the Yearly Meeting and some Quaker facts. Newtown Meeting is participating as an intergenerational team, hoping that this will help us get to know one another better.

On October 8, during the First Day School time, come join in the fun! We will work on completing some of the tasks together. Bring a mobile wifi device if you can as some questions involve research. Others involve interviewing or participating in an activity together.

Any number of team members can complete the same item, so, for example, a group could worship in the garden together or several individuals could visit someone at different times. You can do things alone or with a group. All tasks should be completed between July and October 15, 2017. Join us for a wrap-up party on October 13 at 6 pm!

Check the PYM website for a list of items. More are being added, and we can make up our own. When you have completed a task, send an email (with accompanying photo or story is great) send it in an email to

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