Events of interest to the Quaker community

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Date Time Event
10/24 Time varies Young Friends Worldwide for Climate Action – Peace & Justice. Sponsored by the Friends World Committee for Consultation. A 10 week series of 5 online workshops to build a community of Young Quakers around the world interested in Climate Action – Peace & Justice. Register for one or all workshops.
10/25 9-9:45am GIANT Children's Meeting! Theme: Friends and Family. It’s “Children’s Meeting” because we’re making a space to nurture the spiritual lives and Quaker identity of young people. The 9:00 start is intended to allow folks to attend worship in their own meeting later that morning. Each 30-45 minute program will feature a theme and seasoned facilitators leading us throughgrounding- exploring- wondering and creating.Register to receive zoom link.
10/25-11/20 FGC presents Spiritual Deepening eRetreat: Understanding & Healing White Supremacy Examine your understanding of what racism- white supremacy- and white privilege are-and how they are embedded in our society -Quaker meetings and lives. You will gain knowledge of historical and current realities of racial oppression in the United States and explore how Quaker faith and practice can provide grounding tools and fire for our work against racial injustice. You will explore how Spirit is calling you to action for racial justice while gaining tools for identifying and disrupting racism- white privilege- and white supremacy.
11/2 7-9pm Pendle Hill Lecture with Eileen Flanigan "What Happens Wednesday? Preparing Ourselves for the Work Ahead" Register here to receive link.
11/5 4pm Thursdays with Friends. FCNL presents: Finding Justice in Police Reform.
11/7 9-3pm PYM Fall Continuing Sessions@Arch Street Meetinghouse.
11/8-12/11 On demand FGC presents Spiritual Deepening eRetreat: Building a Meaningful Life.
11/11 6:30-8pm Pendle Hill Reading Group. Pamphlet #465 "Race- Systemic Violence – and Retrospective Justice: An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives." Click here to register.
11/14-17 times vary FCNL Annual Meeting & Public Policy Institute
11/19 4pm Thursdays with Friends. FCNL presents: Living as an Undocumented Migrant.

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