Events in the Wider Quaker Community

Date Time Event Place


1/18-20 Weekend Retreat Alternatives to Violence Project: Basic Workshops Pendle Hill
1/19 9-3pm The Path to Forgiveness The Peace Center
1/20 1-4:30pm Friendly Decision Making: A Curious Thing with Arthur Larabee Buckingham Friends
1/25-27 Weekend Retreat Middle School Friends Winter Gathering Medford Meeting
2/8-10 Weekend Retreat Young Friends Winter Gathering Green Street Meeting
2/9 10-4pm Welcoming and Retaining Newcomers Abington Meeting
2/10-14 Week long retreat Aiming for Justice: Race Reparations & Right Paths Pendle Hill
2/22-24 Weekend Retreat Strengthening your Inner Wisdomand Silencing your Inner Critic Pendle Hill
3/9 10-4pm Building a Vibrant Multigenerational Community Princeton Meeting
3/22-24 Weekendretreat UppingYour Change Game: Building Skills and Confidence in Non-violent Direct Action Pendle Hill

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