Tuition Assistance Committee

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While the largest source of financial aid for families with children in Friends schools is the schools themselves, Newtown Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM), and the Friends Education Fund (FEF)—working in partnership with the schools—seek to make a Friends’ education in grades K-12 more affordable by providing additional aid to Quaker families. The grants from these three sources are applied for with a single application. This application, along with lots of helpful information, is available on the FEF website. (You can also see the announcement from PYM below regarding aid for 2018-19.) The application takes less than five minutes to complete and should be received by the Newtown Meeting Tuition Assistance Committee by February 10, though there is typically a bit of flexibility in this date, so don’t panic if you’ve just missed it. (Students are also required to apply for aid through the school’s financial aid process in order to be eligible for this additional tuition assistance.)

Applications, along with a self-addressed-stamped envelope (or an email address if you prefer electronic return), should be given or sent to Laura Kinnel, Clerk, Newtown Meeting Tuition Assistance Committee, PO Box 224, Newtown. PA 18940, It can also be sent electronically to or placed in the Financial Oversight mail slot in the meeting office. Applications will be signed and returned to families within a week of receipt, and families are responsible for passing the signed form on to the school. (Those who are not yet sure which school a child will be attending, should complete one application for each school.) The school will notify Friends Council on Education in June of those students who have applied for and are eligible for the PYM/FEF grant (based on the school’s assessment of financial need).

Families will be notified in early summer of the size of the grant that Newtown Meeting is able to make. To be eligible to apply for aid from Newtown Meeting, either the child or one parent must have been a member of the meeting for two years by the time of the application deadline (so for the 2018-19 school year that would be since at least February 2016). Those who have been members for at least one year prior to the start of the school year for which they are requesting aid are eligible to apply for the grant from the Friends Education Fund/Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The PYM/FEF grants are available for students attending Friends schools in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting area (which includes Newtown Friends and George School), while Newtown Meeting funds are available for students attending any K-12 Friends school.


Friends who are interested in helping to build the funds which are the source of this aid are invited to contribute to Newtown Meeting’s endowment for education (checks can be sent the meeting’s treasurer), The Friends Education Fund under the care of the Friends Council on Education or Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Jonathan E. Rhoads Endowment Fund.

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