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Press release from November 10th, Heeding Gods Call

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Members of local faith communities and other organizations joined in a Gun Violence Awareness Day action on Sunday afternoon, November 10th, 2019 in Newtown. They gathered at the Newtown Friends Meetinghouse and walked along State Street and Sycamore Street to the Macedonia Baptist Church were more than 200 people observed a Memorial to the Lost for those who died of gun violence in Bucks County. The event was sponsored by Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence and co-sponsored by  local organizations, including several  churches, Jewish congregations, Quaker meetings, a Muslim foundation, and a Buddhist sangha.  In addition to the signs people carried on the Witness Walk, they held up framed memorial t-shirts displaying the name, birth date, and date of death of 41 Bucks County residents. The t-shirts had been posted in the church yards of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Nativity, Wrightstown, and the Macedonia Baptist Church in Newtown. People gathered in the church and wrote letters to public officials in support of reducing gun violence. State Representative Perry Warren HD-31, and State Senator Steve Santarsiero, SD-10, also attended. Perry Warren is the prime sponsor of the universal background check, safe storage and no fly/no buy bills in the House. Steve Santarsiero is the sponsor of the safe storage and other gun safety bills in the Senate and was the original sponsor of the universal background check bill when he was in the House. 


Heading Gods Call

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