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January 19, 2020

Drawdown: a refresher on how to triage out precious planet. There is so much we, as individuals, can do right this vert second to stop and reverse damage to our environment. Now is the perfect time to refresh and refocus on that which is rightly ordered, the stewardship of our magnificent planet.

Help Lower Green House Gas Emissions

A petition has been prepared and will be presented to Gov.Wolf after the new year.  This petition requests that a  carbon cap fee be implemented in the state of Pennsylvania. 

The Peace and Service Committee requests that the Meeting endorse a Minute that would allow us to become co-petitioners for the proposed regulation.

This is a time sensitive matter.  The cut-off date for all endorsements is the end of January.  Therefore, it is necessary for a discussion and decision to be made on this matter at our next busi meeting.

  A number of Monthly Meetings in our area have already joined in the petition.  They have done so by sending a Minute of intention to endorse it.

A copy of both the petition and the Minute endorsing the petition can be found below.

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