Environmental Action

Below, your Peace and Service Committee are offering links to rightly ordered, exciting information and actions being taken to save and preserve the miracle of our magnificent planet. Please check out what’s happening beyond Newtown MM.




In 2018, Climate Scientists told the United Nations that the effects of climate change were occurring much sooner than expected.  And that unless carbon emissions are cut by 50% in about a dozen years, i.e., about 2030, and then to net-zero by about 2050, humanity will probably experience a global climate catastrophe of incalculable severity before the end of this century. 

We know that while all will suffer, the most vulnerable populations will face certain calamity.  Institutional racism has already harmed communities of color, as manifested in part in environmental injustice.  Continued exploitation of the earth’s resources has already caused mass extinctions and put life as we know it at risk.  Conflicts due to rising sea levels, food insecurity, water scarcity, and mass migrations are already causing horrific injustice and threatening world peace.

For these reasons, our historic testimonies for peace, justice, integrity, and stewardship call us to make climate justice a clear and urgent concern for corporate witness, and for all manifestations of our Yearly Meeting to take immediate and resolute action.

Support for minute approved at Worship for Business, Newtown MM, Febuary 2, 2020. Additional information is accessible through this link https://ecojusticecollaborative.org/


Here’s a link to a piece from the NY Times January 12 by Emma Harris. Of the 5-point plan Harris sets out to “manage the toll of living with climate change,” one is Join an effective group.  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/10/opinion/sunday/how-to-help-climate-change.html?searchResultPosition=1


BlackRock’s announcement changes things for the climate movement, and may have a significant impact on the finance world, especially the fossil fuel industry. https://350.org/blackrocks-announcement/?akid=110706.1055799.6j7CfN&rd=1&t=7


 weeklysift.com International central bankers are realizing  that there’s no economy without an ecology  The attached document is excerpted from the  WeeklySift.com  blog this week entitled “Can Bankers Become Allies in Climate Change?”   This news is a game changer!


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Events to Remember

January 19, 2020

Drawdown: a refresher on how to triage out precious planet. There is so much we, as individuals, can do right this vert second to stop and reverse damage to our environment. Now is the perfect time to refresh and refocus on that which is rightly ordered, the stewardship of our magnificent planet.

Help Lower Green House Gas Emissions

A petition has been prepared and will be presented to Gov.Wolf after the new year.  This petition requests that a  carbon cap fee be implemented in the state of Pennsylvania. 

The Peace and Service Committee requests that the Meeting endorse a Minute that would allow us to become co-petitioners for the proposed regulation.

This is a time sensitive matter.  The cut-off date for all endorsements is the end of January.  Therefore, it is necessary for a discussion and decision to be made on this matter at our next busi meeting.

  A number of Monthly Meetings in our area have already joined in the petition.  They have done so by sending a Minute of intention to endorse it.

A copy of both the petition and the Minute endorsing the petition can be found below.

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