Children’s Religious Education Committee

The Children’s Religious Education program provides opportunities for children from preschool through eighth grade to gather for Sunday worship, fun, fellowship, learning, and service. It is our goal to help our youngest friends form lifelong bonds to community, to Truth and Light, and to the Society of Friends. Each year, our youngest Friends walk away with a deep sense of the history of Quakers, Quaker beliefs and ideals and what it means to be a Quaker today. We aim to support each child’s personal journey as they ask:
What does it mean for me to be Quaker?  What do I believe?

Children’s Religious Education
First Day Program Schedule 
September – December 2018

Date Pre K-4 Grades 5-8
September 9 Asking Questions Leads to Seeking the Truth: Exploring the SPICES Hashtag SPICES
September 16

All Ages
Discernment: Choosing a Non-Profit Organization for Fall Fundraiser

September 23 Centering: Labyrinth at Solutions   Comic Strips
September 30 The Roots of Quakerism SPICES Mural
October 21

Discovering the Light: Yoga and Meditation Practices to Help You Settle

October 28 Ice Breakers

Sitting Like a Frog: Guided Meditation  

Preparations for Fall Fundraiser

                                   Friday, November 2

                                   Fall Fundraiser Dinner

November 11

Meetinghouse Scavenger Hunt

November 18


Thanksgiving Craft and Feast

December 9

Christmas Practice/ Refreshments/ Christmas Crafts
9:00 AM-12 PM  (Students will finish craft after MFW)

December 16

Christmas Celebration

Click the link below to view the committee’s most recent report to the Meeting

CRE 2017-2018 Report

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